Building on top of microsearch

David Karger commented on my blog, suggesting a combination of microsearch and Simile Exhibit. A great idea, I’ll follow up on that in a minute. I’m sure many of you have ideas of your own for other mashups that require searching for metadata. For this reason I just wanted to bring attention to the littleSW cube logo right after the text “Search Results”, because it does an important piece of magic: it exposes all the metadata that has been gathered from the result pages in RDF/XML. (The result pages include those displayed plus more.) This is the key to start building on microsearch.

Granted, what you build might be slow. But by all means, please get in touch… we will find a way to make things work faster for you 😉


4 comments so far

  1. David on

    G’day Peter,

    Just noticed that the map is no longer showing up when I use microsearch.


  2. David on

    It’s me again, sorry it is only in Firefox 3 that it is not showing up, works fine in 2. Should have tried that first before posting the comment. Oh well, still useful anyway… right?


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