Yahoo! and the Semantic Web

I wanted to share with you the excitement of Yahoo’s announcement today of our support for the Semantic Web effort through the SearchMonkey project. More details in this Yahoo! Search blog article and in reports at TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and SearchEngineLand.
Exciting times for me personally, for Yahoo! and for the Semantic Web at large!


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  1. Nova Spivack on

    Congrats! Are you personally working on this? We should integrate…

  2. David Peterson on

    Congratulations Peter, I sent you an email earlier today as well.

    Don’t forget to add my blog post as well [1]. I blogged about your announcement a few weeks ago also and it received a very warm response so your work is definitely feeling some love 🙂

    David Peterson

    [1] Preparing your sites for the data web

  3. […] news this week regarding Yahoo! and the Semantic Web – an update about the Yahoo! Search open platform describes their adoption of significant support […]

  4. […] de recherche (19/03/08) – Yahoo! Search / web sémantique (source: Planet RDF, 14/03/08 + voir aussi + voir aussi + voir aussi) Du web sémantique serait intégré dans le projet Search […]

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