SearchMonkey simplified

I’m proud to say that today we have released ‘SearchMonkey Objects’, which might seem like a small step in the evolution of the Monkey (huh!) but we are hoping that it will radically simplify the ramp-up for site owners when it comes to enabling rich, structured results for their websites.

So what’s happening here? Well, until now if you wanted to have an enhanced result based on metadata, you needed to mark up your site, and then create an application to transform the metadata into a search result presentation.  These applications were simple (all they do is map fields in the data to parts of a presentation template) but it still required developers to write PHP code.

We realized that this could be simpler! In particular, from now on if you provide Yahoo structured data using vocabularies (formats) that we understand, we can create a rich result for you without you having to write a single line of code! Obviously, if you want to customize the presentation to your particular site, you can still do that by writing a presentation application, but if you are happy with the standard treatment, you don’t have to.

SearchMonkey Objects is a simple website that not only shows you how to mark up your page for certain types of objects, but it also let’s you validate immediately if your markup is correct.  Again, this is something that many have asked for in the past. The first objects that we support are Video, Games and Documents, but more are on the way.

I believe this is an exciting step because it will no doubt lead to a great adoption of RDFa and other forms of semantic markup, bringing us even closer to stucturing the Web. And as always, tell us what you think!


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