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VoCamp Sunnyvale: June 18-19, 2009

VoCamps provide the missing social interaction needed for vocabulary creation and management on the Semantic Web: a space where members of the community can discuss the current issues related to vocabularies and semantic interoperability. Unlike Semantic Web meetups which typically take just a few hours and where the discussion focuses on a single presentation, VoCamps are two-day events that allow in-depth discussions and working in small groups.

Following the success of VoCamp Ibiza, we are organizing another similar event at Yahoo, but this time in the US, where VoCamps are now also taking hold. (VoCampDC will be organized at the end of May and has already reached it’s full capacity!) This VoCamp will take place in Sunnyvale, directly after the SemTech 2009 conference.

If you would like to join this next edition of the VoCamp series, please sign up on the VoCampSunnyvale2009 wiki page! The space is limited, but we will try to expand if necessary. Hope to see many of you in San Jose and Sunnyvale!