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Common Tag semantic tagging format released today

The Common Tag format for semantic tagging has been finally released today after almost a year of intense work on it by a group of Web companies active in the semantic technologies area, among them Yahoo. It’s been great fun working on this and I’m proud to have been involved: while there have been vocabularies before for representing tags in RDF, this effort is different in at least two respects.

First, a significant effort of time has been spent on making sure the specification meets the needs of all partners involved. The support of these companies for the specification will ensure that developers in the future can rely on a single format for annotation with semantic tags and interchanging tag data. The website already lists a number of applications but I’m pretty sure that a common tagging format will open entirely new possibilities in searching, navigating and aggregating web content.

Second, the format has been developed with publishers in mind, in particular in making it as easy as possible to embed semantic tags in HTML using RDFa, a syntax universally embraced by all those involved. The choice for RDF also means that unlike in the case of the rel-tag microformat, Common Tags can be applied to any object, not just documents.

So, it’s time for a new era in tagging!

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