My name is Peter Mika and I’m currently a researcher at Yahoo! Research Barcelona. See my unofficial and my official homepage for more details.


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  1. Ward Silver on

    Great blog name! Found the site from a mention by Tim Berners-Lee.

  2. Walid Saba on

    Dear Peter,

    I would like to invite you to visit and test ctrl-News, an online news service that is powered by the CTRL semantic engine.
    (A white paper (in PDF) describing the CTRL semantic engine can be found at http://ctrl-news.com/)

    Click here (http://www.ctrl-news.com/?art=9) to subscribe for free to ctrl-News and start receiving customized news, news that is relevant to your subject(s) of interest.

    Using our CTRL semantic engine, ctrl-news daily fetches for you semantically/topically related articles from the top news sources online.
    Check automatically-generated summaries, the key topics and entities extracted for every news article retrieved.

    I would really like you to try this free service and I would certainly appreciate any feedback you might have.
    Please, also feel free to invite anyone who you think might be interested in testing/using this service.

    Best Regards,
    Walid Saba


  3. billslawski on

    Hi Peter,

    I saw and enjoyed your presentation at the Semantic Business and Technology Conference in August, and a friend pointed out some of the white papers you’ve written, which I enjoyed, too. She told me that she was a big fan of your blogging, but that you hadn’t been doing much lately. I got the address from her to come check out your blog posts. For someone who is relatively new to the semantic web, I wanted to say thanks for the many things you’ve written. It’s much appreciated.

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